The Articles of Ellen Gould Harmon White as printed in the Signs of the Times.
February 14, 1878 Battle Creek College part 2
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Remarks by Mrs. E. G. White, at , June 26, 1877.

We would say to the who are soon to return to their homes, we hope they will make continual advancement in the , and in his fear. An that is obtained merely in is a very deficient education. An education in , a of God, combined with all the knowledge that you may obtain from will give you . As the students return to their homes, we hope they will carry with them; and that they will have the before them. “Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the of God.” Here is a which reaches deep beneath the surface, taking hold of the and actions of the entire man. He is required to be constantly guarded, a faithful sentinel over , prepared to meet and resist every thought and action which will dishonor his . A compliance with this injunction of the will bind and hold in restraint every , and will make an absolute necessity to the . , , , and everything which will strengthen and develop and will be . The combined with will give to all perfect and entire . Every believing mind will be filled with . The will be: I can do all things through which strengtheneth me. Such youth, and only such, can stand before the world with symmetrical characters.

prayed to God for . The Lord said, because he had not asked for or for , he should have not only the blessing of wisdom, but and also. One who has is prepared to make a right use of the talents and means which God has given him. All the he may possess will not lead him to forget . There is danger of some of these dear youth being , as was the who came to Jesus, and in all inquired: “ what shall I do to ?” Said : If thou wilt enter into life . Exultingly the young man replied: All these have I kept from my youth up, what lack I yet? How earnestly, and with what elation of soul he said this. But Jesus looked pityingly upon this deceived young man and said: “Yet lackest thou one thing; sell all that thou hast, and distribute to , and come follow me, and thou shalt have .” This unfolded to the deceived young man his supreme . His spoiled all his virtues. It was a fatal deficiency, for he turned away from Christ, from the , rather than to comply with the conditions.

We have hope that when you shall return to your homes and mingle in , and are surrounded with , when you shall meet with and , when is called for, when is required, that you will be connected with God, and maintain a of character; that you will be like the pure lily, only gathering to yourselves the good and refusing the bad. You can all do this if you will. Every one of you may have moral power; every one of you may have grace and strength to become victors on your own account, in the name of the One who has conquered for you, and has ascended up on high to represent your case to the Father. Man’s representative pleads in heaven in our behalf; and we want that the youth who have given their hearts to God will so live that Christ can freely present their cases before the Father. We hope that those who have just entered the school of Christ will continue to be learners. “If ye then be risen with Christ seek those things which are above where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God.” There are many who cease to be learners in Christ’s school after they have received the ordinance of baptism. They appear more like graduates. “Except ye be converted and become as little children ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” How natural for many to love to teach, but who will not be taught. “Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.” Who so easily taught as a child; who so willing and ready to believe? God looks with love upon the confiding simplicity of children. Duties in our homes, in the college, and in the church, may be regarded as drudgery; but in proportion as these duties are blended with the love of God they are made cheerful and pleasant. The simple faith and trusting confidence of the child is necessary to be possessed by the learner in the school of Christ.

After the baptism of Christ he bowed upon Jordan’s banks, and heaven never listened to such a prayer as he then and there uttered. And in answer to that prayer, the light and glory of God flashed forth from his throne and descended as a dove and rested upon him. Immediately from the Infinite One came a voice, saying: “This is my beloved Son.” Here, heaven was opened to man; earth was connected with heaven through our representative, and finite man with the Infinite God. Heaven was opened to you, dear youth; and you need not to feel that the heavens above you are brass. God testified to his Son in his own voice that he accepted him; and in accepting the representative of the race he signifies to man that he will accept him through his Son if we comply with the conditions laid down in his word. The steps requisite in conversion are repentance, faith and baptism. And then after these steps are taken, the life of prayer is essential to maintain the Christian life, and to seek those things which are above where Christ sitteth, you cannot stop at baptism and feel that you have graduated. Your Christian life is only entered upon, the formation of Christian character is yet before you, you have just entered the school of Christ, and need to continue to learn of him.

You are to continue to be instructed in the school of Christ, having the heart open to receive the heavenly knowledge that will be imparted unto you; and thus you will grow in grace and the knowledge of the truth. There is a final examination that is to take place in reference to your probationary time in this world which is of vital interest to every one of us. There will in that day be no indifferent spectators. Every one will have a part to act, and will have intense interest to pass that ordeal with heavenly honors. All will have an opportunity to educate themselves while in this world, that they may be fitted to stand the grand review which must shortly take place. If you make efforts in one term at our college, and through negligence on your part fail to stand the examining test, you may console yourselves with the hope to redeem your failure in the following term. But if in the vital interest of your soul’s salvation you neglect to learn the lessons necessary to stand the test of the great examination to come, there will be no second privilege and opportunity granted. It is now or never that you must perfect Christian character. There will be no following term that you may enter the school of Christ to redeem abused privileges and lost opportunities. It is of the highest importance that in the great examination to come you can stand in the merits of your heavenly Redeemer by having gained the victory in his name.

We have been having an exhibition of talent here today, but the grand review of character is to take place by and by. Jesus would have us learn in his school that we may become intellectual Christians. He would have us learn of him that we may grow in grace and the knowledge of the truth, that we may be qualified to talk intelligently upon the things of God, repeating the lessons of the cross of Christ. We have heard speeches from the stand today from you which have done credit to both students and teachers. We are anxious that those who are learning in the school of Christ should have willing hearts and ready tongues, that they may speak the praise of God, and tell, in their language and deportment, the advancement they have made in the divine life. You want to make your mark high, and progress every day. Every day you want to obtain knowledge how to successfully control self. You want to obtain knowledge how to gain new victories. The Christian warfare is a battle and a march. Take Christ with you in everything you do; take him with you at your homes, and wherever you go; and if Jesus is with you, if you have his presence and his love, you have a heavenly companion, a heavenly guest.

Think not that the Christian’s life is one that takes away from you all pleasure. It opens to us fountains of pleasures that it is impossible for us to measure. “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” Take away from me everything that this world can give, but do not take away my connection with Heaven. I love my Saviour; and I want every one of these youth to love him. I want you to prepare for the final examination, when every man shall be judged according to the deeds done in the body. Who will be acquitted in that day? To whom will it be said: “Well done, good and faithful servant?” Who in that day will hear the words: “Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world?” How many who are present on this occasion will listen to those words which are richer than any music that ever fell upon human ear? And who, then, will have the crown of glory placed upon their brow? Who will bear in their hand the palm branch of victory, and the harp of gold?

We want you to swell the triumph of “Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb that was slain, and that lives again, a triumphant conqueror.” We want to see every one of you with your laurels of honor that you shall cast at the feet of your Redeemer; and then touch your golden harps, and fill all heaven with the melodious strains, and songs of praise to the Lamb. Talk not to me of the pleasures of earth. I have my eye fixed upon the immortal inheritance, and it has eclipsed all that is beautiful, all that is lovely, and all that is attractive in this world. I want heaven. I must have the eternal weight of glory. Will you strive with me to obtain heaven? Will you triumph with me in that day when God makes up his jewels? God grant that we may all be there; that every one of us may tread those streets that are paved with gold; that we may enter the pearly gates of the holy city, and that we may go no more out forever.

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