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February 28, 1878 Never Yield the Sabbath.

We are in receipt of a number of letters from different individuals, who are believers in our faith, asking advice upon the matter of keeping the Sabbath. In their cases, the injunction of the fourth commandment apparently conflicts with their ideas of duty or necessity in other respects. One sister in particular is in much anxiety of mind as to her duty. She is the support of her aged parents, and could easily maintain them in comfort if she pursued her work upon the Sabbath. She therefore asks if the fifth commandment is not as binding upon her as the fourth, and that if, in keeping the latter, she should fall short, in her estimation, of the requirements of the fifth commandment, would she not be justified in disregarding the fourth? We deeply sympathize with these tried ones in their perplexity and distress, and have endeavored to write a few words of encouragement and advice to them and others who are suffering under similar trials.

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