The Articles of Ellen Gould Harmon White as printed in the Signs of the Times.
April 22, 1880 St. Helena, Cal
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April 10 and 11 I spent with the church at . There was a good representation of our brethren and sisters at the . I had freedom in speaking from the words of our found in John 15:7, 8. Following the discourse we had a very profitable , nearly all present taking part, after which the of the were celebrated. Bro. Wood was present and conducted this service.

Sunday there were no meetings in the other , and the house was crowded. The best of attention was given to words spoken from 1 John 3:1-3. In the evening we again addressed an interested company. Monday we took the cars for Napa, where we spoke to the brethren and sisters there assembled in the evening. Some of the members of this church have moved away, and some have died, so that there are but few left. Although so few in numbers, one hundred and thirty-four dollars were paid in as their quarterly tithe. When every church member does his part cheerfully in tithes and offerings the general treasury will be supplied. Napa needs judicious ministerial labor. Indeed, from every direction comes the Macedonian cry, “Come over and help us.” I would recommend that a definite time be set apart for prayer that God will raise up laborers to send into the harvest field. We see places for twenty men to labor on this coast. We must cry to God, brethren and sisters, in faith for him to put his hand to the work, and send by whom he will. As we view this large field, and see the many openings for laborers and the few there are to fill them, we feel humbled before God. His rebuke is upon us because of our unconsecration. We must devote more time to heartfelt prayer that God will work in behalf of his cause upon this coast. Shall we individually put away our pride and love of self, and so humble our hearts before God that he can turn his face this way, and let the light of his countenance shine upon us. He can and will clothe us with salvation if we will comply with the condition laid down in his word. “Be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”
                                                               E. G. White.

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